damn it I would love to go for a walk but one of my dogs is still in recovery after his surgery and I don’t want to leave him behind. And as I’m alone at the moment I have no one to watch him. But we’re playing in the garden. It’s super insanely hot outside anyway. 

But still my change in diet seems to work for now. My pants feel more loose. :D 

low carb? Slow carb!

the whole low carb diet where you are supposed to “binge” carbs in the morning, eat carbs moderately for lunch and not at all in the evening has been around for some time. I never believed in that. My husband brought the so called “slow carb” diet to my attention, saying he was gonna try that out. So I jumped aboard. 

The concept: Every form of carbs is forbidden (pasta, bread, rice, potatoes), so is fruit and dairy. So basically you eat protein (meat, eggs, beans of all sorts) and veggies.

There is obviously some big scientific reason for it behind that, why you should eat just that. I don’t really care. I am trying to go with my guts here (haha sorry). I tried hard to eat fruit and granola for breakfast. It lasted me 2 days then I was like *blech*. Just this feeling in the morning that its too early to have fruit. I always wondered if that was for a reason. So yeah for the past week I had eggs with vegetables for breakfast and I loved it. I am REALLY feeling satiated till lunch without feeling bloated and full. And my husband an me really love beans and BBQ so this seems to be the perfect from of nutrition. 

Another thing of this “diet” is that there is one day per week as “cheat day” where you are allowed and encouraged to eat all the forbidden stuff in order to not to slow down your metabolism. So guess what. After doing this for one week my pantry is still stuffed with cookies and chips and all kinds of stuff. I want nothing of it. I had toast with cheese on it and had to put cucumbers on it to actually find it appealing enough to eat. 

I have no idea what happened. So far I am feeling great. I went walking with the dogs a couple of times last week (was too hot to actually run) and I wasn’t more tired than before. Because that seems to be the biggest concern with this kind of diet plan… that you can’t really work out. I have not hit that problem yet :D but I am not exactly training for a marathon so I think I am good with this for now. 

I didn’t get a starting weigth last week but I weighed myself this morning (urgh…) and I think I will try this another week and see if the scale shows progress next saturday.